Pruning Tree Branches

Tree pruning and trimming are also done as a precautionary measure. Since there are dead tree branches, the risk of people getting involved in unwanted circumstances during heavy winds and severe rains is very high. That is why it is important to hire a professional to prune your trees or personally learn how to prune tree branches yourself. This type of maintenance routine focuses on removing dead branches which will allow your tree or plant to grow and reach its full potential.

Tree trimming and pruning are things that provide your trees the care it needs to grow structurally strong and enhance its longevity. Commonly, tree trimming and pruning are removing dead tree branches that prevent the tree from receiving enough sunlight and air it needs to keep growing healthily. It is a selective way of cutting unwanted tree branches to maintain the desired shape or form of the tree.

How To Prune Tree Branches Safely

Tree owners can hire professionals to do the work for you. In some cases, you can do it on your own especially in dealing with minor trimming and pruning needs. It is essential to have to know some basic knowledge on how to prune tree branches. Here’s the list of you need to know:

  1. Always use safety gears when trimming and pruning branches at home without the help of professionals.
  2. Keep common pruning and trimming tools in hand like hand shears for cutting small twigs and branches, lopper shears for branches 1 ½ or less in diameter, and a pruning saw for branches in 6 inches in diameter.
  3. For ruling, to get the desired shape cut a twig, branch, or bud that expands where it should not be.
  4. Never cut a branch that you are not sure to cut because you can never put it back.
  5. Remember the 4Ds. Only remove the dead, diseased, damaged, and deranged twigs and branches.
  6. Less is better. It means only remove what is needed.
  7. Leave the bigger jobs to a professional. Never tackle a job you are not certain about because this can cause harm to the tree or shorten its longevity.

Pruning And Trimming Are Important

Tree pruning and trimming are essential for a plant or tree to grow strong and healthy. It requires effort and time to accomplish by yourself but there are professionals available to hire anytime. As some say, giving your tree care is through pruning and trimming. Just like humans, they need a fresh haircut from time to time to keep them looking good in shape. It will also allow room for growth and improvement that will be beneficial to the tree and plants underneath it. On the other hand, you can always do the minor trimmings and pruning by yourself.

You are ready to do it on your own if you know the basics of pruning and trimming. And always bear in mind that tree pruning and trimming benefits you in many ways. This includes preventing property damage, injuries and especially keeps your landscapes maintained and pleasing to the eyes. It is not hard to take time and learn how to prune tree branches by yourself. Taking care of your trees at home requires a combination of passion and a little bit of basic knowledge.

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