Bart’s Tree Services NYC Emergency Services

Tree Emergency Services in NYC You Can Count On

At Bart’s Tree Services NYC, many clients seek our tree emergency services in NYC. As the name implies, we deal with tree problems that require urgent attention. If you face this type of tree problem, you should reach out to us immediately to prevent injury or damage to your property.

Tree emergency services in NYC have a distinctive sense of urgency. Thus, we train our expert team to facilitate the best solutions. Our industry experience and rapid response set us apart from the competition.

We are well equipped and with a team of highly skilled individuals able to adequately handle all kinds of tree emergencies. You can call us now to speak to us about your tree emergency. Our phone lines are available 24/7. So you can expect a response as soon as possible.

Emergency Tree Services In NYC - Signs You Need Them

Damages Due to Storm

One sign that you need an emergency tree service is if your tree has suffered damage due to a terrible storm. In some cases, the whole tree breaks in half, or a big branch collapses on a roof. These incidents can lead to fatal injuries or even death. While a fallen branch may not cause as much damage as a whole tree toppling over, still, it should be attended to urgently.

Leaning Tree

Another case that can be considered for an emergency tree service is a leaning tree. Although many people tend to believe that tree leaning is fine, well, it is not. Leaning only signifies that the tree is stressed. When you notice that your tree is leaning a little too much, you can reach out to tree experts to address the underlying cause of the leaning. One of the reasons why trees tend to lean is due to fungal infections. This infection affects the roots’ stability which is the tree’s major support system. When the fungus spreads from the root upwards, the decaying wood then causes leaning in a tree. In a case whereby the infection is severe, an emergency tree removal service needs to be hired.

Wounds To the Trunk

In a case where a tree suffered a serious trunk wound, one might need to call a tree service company to help provide an emergency tree removal service

These wounds’ origin may be from an impact with a car, improper pruning, or a storm. Also, if more than 25% of the tree’s bark is damaged, an emergency tree removal service may be needed.

If you need an emergency tree service anywhere in NYC, you can reach our tree experts at (347)-956-8811. Contact us now!

Services we offer

Trees are important parts of our environment and as living things, they also grow old and die. For this reason, they ought to be taken care of throughout their lifetime. This is why tree services are important. The moment you notice that your tree has become problematic or unhealthy, you should contact us at Bart’s Tree Services NYC. We have a wide range of tree services ranging from pruning to tree removal and emergency tree storm services.


Tree services have many benefits like maintaining a healthy environment, protecting lives and properties around, aesthetic purposes, and many more. 


Below are some of our tree services you should consider utilizing. 


Tree Cutting And Trimming Services


Not all trees need to be removed to protect structures and people around, a simple trim can do the trick! This service is used to maintain a healthy tree and keep overgrown branches from hurting people. This service also prevents the accumulation of toxic substances on the tree. Trimming your trees also helps you maintain a beautiful surrounding. 


Tree Removal


As important as trees are to the surroundings, they must be removed sometimes. This should happen when they pose danger to the lives and properties nearby, when it is dead or when you want to relocate it. Trees that are located near houses, stores, and any other structures can result in accidents. In a severe storm, the tree could fall on buildings or cars and damage properties, and in some cases take lives. If the tree is still healthy, then you can have it removed and transferred to a safer environment. This will not only protect the people nearby but also give it a favorable condition to grow. 


Stump Removal


Tree stumps are known to be a regular cause of accidents in yards and homeowners should not hesitate to remove them. However, doing it yourself is not advisable. Removing tree stumps requires the use of heavy equipment, skills, and experience that only tree service companies can offer.  


Emergency Tree Storm Services     


When there is a storm or other extreme weather conditions, a tree emergency may arise. This may be as a result of a tree falling down the highway, or on a power line. This can be fatal and will require urgent intervention. Seeking help from an emergency tree service provider is the best thing to do in this case. Due to its severity, you’d want a professional to handle it. This is because they have the right set of equipment and experience to deal with this situation. 

At Bart’s Tree Services NYC, you can access our emergency service 24/7. We also have a 30 minutes response time in NYU.


As a tree owner, it is important that you keep your trees neat and trimmed at all times. At Bart’s Tree Services NYC, we can help you take care of your trees and environment with our numerous services. In emergency cases, you can reach us via telephone at 347-978-7007.