About Bart’s Tree Services NYC

Bart’s Tree Services NYC is a top-notch and experienced tree company offering excellent tree services to homeowners and businesses across New York. At Bart’s Tree Services NYC, we understand the importance of trees in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. This is why we make sure to offer our tree services at an affordable rate. Anyone with tree-related problems can easily reach out to us without fear of being overcharged.

Our team is well trained and has the right skill set to provide excellent tree services. At Bart’s Tree Services NYC, all our tree services aim to ensure that your trees are well maintained and don’t pose a threat to your properties and increase overall safety. We also educate our clients on how to identify an unhealthy tree and ways to take care of their trees.

Trees are an essential component of the environment. However, they can pose a threat to lives and properties when damaged or contact a disease. In such situations, it becomes weak and prone to branches breaking off, which may cause you injury or damage your property. Therefore, once you start to see signs of damage or sickness in a tree, it is important that you reach out to us, and we will advise on the most appropriate move. Once we are informed, we will inspect the tree to see what can be done. If the tree needs to be treated, we will proceed to administer the right treatment. If the tree needs to be removed, we will take the necessary steps to remove it safely.

At Bart’s Tree Services NYC, our experts are always available to help you solve all your tree-related problems.

Services we offer include:

This is the total removal of trees from the ground. It is usually done when a tree is damaged, dead or diseased.
This is the removal of some overgrown branches. It is usually done to prevent damage to surrounding properties in case the branch breaks off.
This is the removal of stump wood left after a tree has been cut.

Emergency Tree Services

At Bart’s Tree Services NYC, we also offer emergency tree services. So if a tree has fallen on your roof, on a powerline, or a major road after a heavy rainfall or storm, make sure to call us on (347) 956-8811 immediately. We have a 30 minutes response time in NYC.